2017 Christmas Party & Jam
2017 Ozark Steel Guitar Association Christmas Party Review

WOW!!! This year was a huge success. We had about 70 in attendance including 14 steel players, 3 band members, and several singers.

The band members were Dino Strunk on lead, Russ Burns on drums, and Buddy Lewis on bass. Buddy also provided the sound system.

The players consisted of a variety of levels of expertise and all had a wonderful time. The players were, Bubba Fisk, Larry Baker, Terry Vick, Steve Melchi, Mike Squires, JoAnn Kreder, Jack Musgrave, Eddie Lane, Bob Tuttle Larry Garrett, Mike McGee, Jacob King, Beverly Harris, and David Dean White. Pickers present who didn’t play were Terry Bethel, Keith Hilton and Charlie Steichen (who was busy as emcee)

The singers who graced the stage this year included Cathy Smeenk, Frank Warmbolt, Kevin Haffey, Larry Garrett, Russ Burns, Marlyse Stockinger, Jean Devore (who hasn’t been able to visit with us for the past couple years), and Buddy Lewis

The crowd enjoyed lots of good country music with a few Christmas songs mixed in. Great day and thanks to everyone!

During a brief business meeting, it was announced that Terry Bethel, Eddie Lane, and Mike McGee would be an advisory committee for the Association. The new Officers are Charlie Steichen, President; Mike Squires, VPres; Cathy Smeenk, Sec; JoAnn Kreder, Treasurer. The planning committee will remain the same!

Thanks to all the ladies & guys who provided snacks for us to enjoy. Thanks to the Stone Castle Hotel for a wonderful venue as well as water, coffee and accessories.

Thanks to all the players, band and singers who provided the best music. Thanks to Charlie, Rosemary, Kathy, Terry, and Sheena for all they do to make our party & jams a wonderful time. Hope to see all of you back for the Spring Show March 29th-31st.
God bless and Merry Christmas & Happy New year to everyone.

Until we meet again….Keep Steelin’

Martha J Randall
Behind the Scene Promotions
Hollister, Mo

Merry Christmas & Happy New Years! See y'all in March for ther Spring Show....untill then Keep Steelin'