Bethel Guitars
After many years of experimenting with his own guitars, trying many pedals and several knee levers......Terry decided to build his own style of steel guitar. Terry enlisted the help of his new friend , Dick Miller to help him. He and Dick met in Vegas where they at one time played twin steels in the Borrowed Band.
Dick eventually moved to Branson, then on to Nashville where he and Terry set up shop and began making Bethel Guitars!......Here are some results of their efforts....a beautiful instrument...each one a work of love!
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Black Formica D-10 8x6   Currently owned by Charlie Steichen....this is the last guitar Dick  Miller built...
Terry-Ron Elliot-Sir Jimmy Day-Dick Miller
Dick Miller-Buddy Emmons-Terry
Terry playing a Blond D-10 9x9 This was the prototype for Bethel Steel Guitars....1995
Cocobolo front and necks with a burst flamed maple top. Sounds as good as it looks...Terry    This guitar is currently owned by Tyler hall
Sunburst Maple T-10 No Pedals....This guitar was made especially for Jim Murphy while he was playing with Asleep At The Wheel. He played it standing up.....
Jim Murphy playing a Hard Rock Maple D-10 9x9.
Terry playing Black and grey Bethel D-10 9x9
Steelville, MO  June 29, 2014
Photo courtesy  of Bill Dobkins
Terry playing the Cocobolo...wood is from the rain forest in So America...the fumes from raw wood is toxic..
This is my(Daniel McKee) Bethel it has four floor pedals and five knee levers and it sounds great.I am not sure what brand the pickup is
so any input on that would be great.
I'm a proud owner of a Bethel Steel Guitar. It's a D10,9&9 curly wood maple, with a sunburst finish. It's  one of the most beautiful guitar's that I've ever seen.I bought the Bethel in 2000 If anyone was in Saint Louis then, you might of seen the guitar on display at the Bethel Steel Guitar booth.The Craftsmanship on this guitar by Dick Miller is excellent!!! The tone is superb!!! The action is Great!!!Great!!!Great!!! Real fast. Terry, and Dick, you have a winner here, so I'll place my bet on a Bethel......Milt Quackenbush
Linda Wright playing her
Hard Rock Maple D 10 9x6
Bethel Steel Guitar
Bob Sisney For here I will simply say that I have had the guitar seven months now, I got it the day after Scotty's convention. The guitar sounds and plays great. I am new to playing but have always loved the sound of the steel guitar! I am sixty two and have listened and loved them I think before they ever put a pedal on one! This one sounds as good as any I have heard. Not at all disappointed
Jim Murphy playing his Bethel guitar with Redd Volkaert in Austin,Texas airport