OzSGA-Super Event-2014
Well the 2014 show is behind us now and was a huge success. Everyone was pleased with  the new venue and the attendance was great.........Hope to see even more of you next year!....The following pix were taken and posted on the Steel Guitar Forum by Bill Myrick and Tim Lane and I'm waiting to receive Rosemary Steichen's....will also include a couple video clips and pix from Martha Jane later!
happy-smiling faces of Martha Jane and Terry taken Saturday by Rosemary Steichen....
Our very 1st performer on Friday morning
was the lovely & talented Janet Wise...
Photo courtesy of Bill Myrick

next up to bat was the infamous
Steve Melchi.... Photo by Bill Myrick
Then we enjoyed the sweet sounds of
Bob Tuttle.......Photo by Bill Myrick

the audience enjoyed the smooth playing of Curt(The Shoe) Shoemaker...thanks for dinner Thursday night Curt....
Photo by Bill Myrick
during Jerry Foster's set the deep voice of Jean Devore-Baker reminded me of Lacy J Dalton.... good job Jerry and Jean!...Photo by Bill Myrick
Grandpa Jerry Newberry had his grandson Austin Stewart backing
him on his set......Photo by Bill Myrick

The multi-talented husband & wife duo of Steve and Donna Palousek....great job guys!...Photo by Bill Myrick
Dino Strunk teamed up with Steve Palousek to do a rousing rendition of Dino's favorite song "Working Man Blues"....Photo by Bill Myrick
The many faces of the Incomparable Joe Wright  Joe is being inducted into the Steel Guitar Hall of Fame during the ISGA Convention last weekend in Aug... Well deserved Joe and Congratulations!!!!....Photos courtesy of Tim Lane and Nill Myrick respectively
What can  I say about this extremely talented young man that hasn't already been said by everyone at the shows?....such a joy to watch him play...Photo by Bill Myrick
Dean Holman not only treated the crowd to his marvelous steel playing but also plays the dobro amazingly.......Thanks Dean....Photos by bill Myrick
The audience was pleasantly surprised when Branson entertainer Billy Dean showed up to play guitar and sing during Robbie Springfield's set.... Thanks Billy Dean, we really appreciate your participation...Photo by Bill Myrick
Next to entertain the crowd was Ron and Leona Williams while Robbie Springfield played Steel  Thanks so much Ron and Leona for all you do for the OzSGA. We love you!!!..... Photo by Bill Myrick
This little lady was a great crowd pleaser. Playing the Non-Pedal steel she amazed us with the sound produced on each song. We hope Rose Sinclair will come back next year......
Photo by Bill Myrick

Words can't describe the sounds Joe Savage can produce from his steel. His version of Bach was amazing. Thanks Joe for the pleasure you brought to the crowd...
.Photo by Bill Myrick

   The OzSGA House Band for 2014         It doesn't get any better than this..
Roy Rosetta - Keyboard player extraordinaire..
Photo by Tim Lane.
Dino Strunk is not only an awesome guitar player, he's also a fabulous singer.  Photo by Tim Lane
Wayne Massengale -out of this world Fiddle player and occassionaly guitar
Photo by Tim Lane.
Bart Trotter filled in for Wayne Massengale some on Fri...great
job Bart and Thanks.
Friday's crowd at the Super Event-July 25,2014...Photo by Bill Myrick
Panoramic view of Sat(7-26-2014) morning's crowd by Martha Jane
Saturday 7-26-2014
Friday 7-25-2014
First performer on Sat was the fabulous
Keith Hilton...Photo by Bill Myrick

Next up was Gary Sill
Photo by Bill Myrick
Then the crowd was treated to the pleasing sounds of Linda Wright along with sweet tones from her husband  Richard's trumpet.......Photo by Bill Myrick
The loveable Eddie Lane.....the crowd always enjoys his performances....
Photo buy Bill Myrick
Eddie is that not an awesome backup band?...l to r - Wayne Massengale, Dino Strunk, Jimmie Hyde, Russ Wever and Roy Rosetta.....Photo by Bill Myrick
The beautiful voice of Mrs Melody Hart-Massengale She also plays a mean fiddle....Photo by Bill Myrick
Gene Mulvaney and the Grand Country Band  an outstanding group of musicians.....Photo by Bill Myrick
Three Fiddles - a very talented and entertaining group...Photo by Bill Myrick
Mike McGee(Terry's favorite) with Max King on bass and vocals..Great job guys.
Photo by Bill Myrick
Another amazing performance by Joe Savage.....Photo by Bill Myrick.
Braydon and Jerry Roller- young Braydon amazed the audience with his skill on the Steel... keep it up young man!...Photo by Bill Myrick.
Ron and Leona Williams asked Terry to play on their portion of the show...It  just doesn't get any better....
Photo by Biil Myrick

A splendid performance by Terry Wood   Photo by Bill Myrick
Dave Flanagan...Photo by .Bill Myrick
Ron Williams and Dina Strunk teamed up on a few  vocals much to the pleasure of the crowd .Photo by Bill Myrick
Ms Leona was outstanding as always.
Photo by Bill Myrick
Wow...what a treat......theTriple Steels of Terry Bethel, Wayne Morton & Rick Crow    Photo by Bill Myrick
Todd Brumley agreed to help Steve Palousek with his set by singing "Together Again" ` the enjoyment of the crowd....Photo by Bill Myrick
Younger brother Dalton Stewart help out big brother Austin Stewart on his set to close out Saturday's show along with Dan Duling on bass and vocals..Photo by Bill Myrick
Sunday 7-27-2014 started with church...
.Association Chaplain Jeremiah Hanley welcomes the early morning guests....Photo by Bill Myrick
Jerry & Venda Hanley presents their annual inspiring worship service....Photo by Bill Myrick.
1st up was Janet Wise. A beautiful
lady with a beautiful guitar....
Photo by Bill Myrick
Terry Wood with Russ Wever on bass..
.Photo by Bill Myrick
The Rev. David Young on Terry Wood's set....Photo by Bill Myrick
Ron & Leona Williams with Terry Bethel on steel...Photo by Bill Myrick
Dino Strunk doing a rousing gospel on Terry Bethel's set....Photo by Bill Myrick
Drummer Russ Burns singing a great gospel hymn on Terry Bethel's set...Photo by Bill Myrick
Bob & Geri Alsop and friends with a fine gospel presentation..Photo by Bill Myrick
Mike McGee with Max King on bass...
Photo by Bill Myrick
Joe and Connie Wright brought goosebumps and tears to most of the crowd during their set....Photo by Bill Myrick
Super Event Program Book for 2014 If you missed it, you missed an awesome event and we hope to see you next year....Terry
Jerry Smythe with David Bennett on keyboard...Photo by Bill Myrick.
V-P Charlie Steichen opened the day by introducing the first player of the day, Janet Wise!.....